Women Who Inspire Women Series: Jacey Po Tattoo Artist/Vocalist of Instinct of Sight

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Jacey Po | Tattoo Artist/Vocalist
Surreal Ink | Instinct of Sight | Hong Kong

Today’s special feature is of someone that we’ve admired in Hong Kong for a few years now. There aren’t many people in this city who are able to figure out how to make a living from doing what they love. Most of us toil away at a meaningless daytime job in order to cover the bills and costs of doing what we’re REALLY passionate about at night – like playing in bands.

One amazing person that has been able to figure all this out is our tattoo artist friend Jacey who also sings in Hong Kong metal band Instinct of Sight. When we thought about a shortlist of people to tap into, we thought her voice and her story would be inspiring to others.

While researching for this, Jacey shared that upon graduating from art school she felt lost about her future. This uncertainty is something that most youths in Hong Kong feel once they complete their education – the options for life after aren’t pretty. She didn’t know what opportunities laid ahead for her with the skills and education that she had picked up. This turned out to be a poignant moment in her life because, through beautiful serendipity, a female artist named Ah Nan knocked on her proverbial door. By meeting Ah Nan and the way she took Jacey under her wings, Jacey was suddenly provided with the best possible path to begin her journey as an artist. It was under Ah Nan’s tutelage that Jacey began to understand and appreciate the art of tattooing. “She basically opened the door for me by teaching me all the basic skills, especially patience, I needed to grow to the next level.” To this day, Ah Nan remains an important person in Jacey’s life for whom she’s eternally grateful for. “She was always there for me both as a tutor and a good friend. She was so generous about sharing her wisdom with me. I will never forget her!”

Her road into music started earlier than that. “I was picked to be part of a play in High School! Haha…I remember I was supposed to be Mickey Mouse in a school production serving people dinner and singing at the same time.” While she was acting in school productions she was also messing around with a few friends playing music together. This is where she learned the joy of camaraderie on working on music together with others. She went on to befriend some amazing musicians who eventually became the band that we all in Hong Kong now know of as Instinct of Sight.

So without further ado…check out Jacey’s Top 5  list…

Ruth B.
Photo Credit: https://www.ruthbofficial.com/

She is a Canadian singer/songwriter who began her journey after recording herself singing a few lines inspired by Once Upon A Time. She then took what she recorded and turned it into a song called Lost Boy. All of this just reminds me about the power in simplicity in music – it doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can just be someone sitting on a piano making magic happen.

Jessica Domingo

My next big inspiration is by an America-Filipino R&B singer named Jessica Domingo. What I love about her is the softness and elegance in her tone. The way she delivers those thoughtful lyrics with her vocals is so inspiring to me, in many ways! I just love the overall vibe she brings.

Marmozets | Becca McIntyre

Becca McIntyre is the vocalist of this UK based band. I just love the power in the music

c with their insane drumming and catchy guitar riffs. Her vocals are so energetic and she utilizes a lot of irregular rhythms which I love. All of it together sounds SO great.

In This Moment | Maria Brink

Most people probably have heard of In This Moment. It’s their vocalist Maria Brink which I love because her live performances are so emotional. Her screams are so solid and then when she switches to melody, it feels like it’s piercing and penetrating my soul. There’s so much artistry in her performance.

Pvris | Lynn Gunn

It’s so interesting that this band started off as a metalcore band! They are an American band that uses a lot of dance grooves, electronic beats and effects. The way they bring all of this together is so inspiring. Every time I hear them and listen to their music, I just find them motivating me to explore more elements in music.

Johnny Gloom

Because I’m a tattoo artist I want to share one quick last one…Paris based tattoo artist Johnny Gloom. What I love about her is that there is so much honesty in her work. It’s naked and emotional, simple and powerful all at the same time.

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