3 Asian Screamo Bands Hit The Road This June – US:WE/TNG/BENNU IS A HERON

This is the type of tour we are most proud to help promote.

Asian screamo bands from 3 different countries: US:WE [Taiwan], TNG [Philippines] and BENNU IS A HERON [China] have announced a Southeast Asian tour taking place this June.

According to the press release:

“Situated at the intersection of punk and emo, a very niche branch, screamo has never had a large audience. Bands like US:WE and Bennu is a Heron in this lineup are the only screamo bands in their respective cities. Apart from striving to create local show opportunities, the only other thing they can do is establish connections with screamo bands from other countries.

In December 2023, rare emo festivals were held in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which led to connections between Piri Reis from Malaysia, Bennu is a Heron from Guangzhou, and TNG and Brickcity from the Philippines. Additionally, US:WE had conducted two mainland China tours in the past seven years and maintained contact with members of Bennu is a Heron. The vocalist of US:WE – who runs 22 Records – had also participated in the release of Bennu is a Heron’s work twice. Based on the shared curiosity, exploration, and longing for the Southeast Asian screamo scene among the three bands, this journey came into being.

Moreover, the Singapore leg and Manila leg of this tour are hosted by local labels dedicated to emo music scenes (Dogswain, Calm Lake Records, Sleeping Boy Collective), while the Malaysian legs are planned by the emerging comprehensive label Ziyin. Stay tuned to these labels for more detailed information in the future, including full lineups that will drive all screamo nerds crazy.”

The members of the bands themselves added:

Jinbo (Bennu is a Heron):
“Actually I just wanna see some sick bands in my dream lists, so for me, it’s like a big screamo fest. Thx for those hosters who tolerated my antics and greed. But I think it’s just the beginning, cuz my dream lists are really long.”

Dan (US:WE): “Let’s visit some old friends and meet more new friends.”

Alden (TNG): “Being able to share our passion together with these great people is amazing enough, but to tour with them in different countries is a whole other story to tell.We are very excited for this tour because we know we’re going to meet more friends and watch more bands that we haven’t seen live before. A big, big, big thank you to all the promoters and organizers for bringing us together. See you all in June!”

Check out the dates in the flyer below…but don’t forget to check out the music…goddamn they’re all soo good.

6.6 Singapore – Presented by Dogswain
6.7 Penang, Malaysia – Presented by Ziyin
6.8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Presented by Ziyin
6.9 Manila, the Philippines – Presented by Calm Lake Records & Sleeping Boy Collective

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