Women Who Inspire Women Series: Hera Mary of Indonesia Sludge Metal Band Oath

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Hera Mary | Vocalist
Oath | Indonesia

When thinking of women to invite to this series, our friend Hera Mary of Indonesian sludge crust band Oath came STRAIGHT to mind. With no hesitation at all. We have been fans of her work with Oath from the moment we heard her kill it on the mic for the band. But ever since then we’ve also been huge admirers of the way she works as an activist for her community and stands up for women’s rights. A few years ago she released a punk rock documentary about women involved in the Indonesian hardcore/punk scene called Ini Scene Kami Juga! that we even premiered out here in Hong Kong. Besides the band, Hera also runs two screen printing companies Rebel Rakel and Sorre Patches. After the interview check out just some of the awesome shirts they’ve printed. Clearly, if you’re ever touring Indonesia you should hit them for your merch needs! Help support small businesses.

Without further ado…take it away Hera!

Christina Blom

When I heard Agrimonia for the first time in 2008, I fell in love with crust-punk music. And Christina blew my mind and is still my favorite vocalist in the crust-punk/punk scene. Also, her lyrics in the band have such wonderful perspectives.

Chiyo Nukaga

I joined Oath back in 2012 and we have been a band who has an affinity for Sludge – Doom – Metal music. Noothgrush was a huge inspiration! But before joining the band, I saw Chiyo Jones of Amber Asylum play the drums and she was encouraging me to pick up an instrument. She was encouraging me to be part of bands because we women often get stereotyped as band cheerleaders or other things like that in the scene. But what she proved to me and anyone that women can be cool and talented just as men in music.

My Mother

My mother is the best. Working for 36 years as an elementary school teacher, independent, able to do everything alone was really motivational to me to also become an independent woman. There’s no one cooler than my mom!


Sheni is my friend. We got to know each other a few years ago and started working together on a clothing line called Covin. Sheni is a punk and also a yoga teacher. I learned a lot from her about other ways of life. I just love her!

Kathleen Hana

Since her appearance in the Riot grrrl movement, I have felt that I found my path and way of life. Kathleen began my introduction into the world of feminism and to this day she remains one of the most influential women in my life and the most influential person in my film documentary “Ini Scene Kami Juga!”.

[Editor’s Note: Here‘s a link for more info on this AWESOME documentary and a synopsis:
The role of women in the hardcore/punk scene in Indonesia is still quite minor. Because the hardcore/punk scene is considered a man’s world. Women who are involved in the movements of Indonesia’s hardcore/punk scene are rarely documented. The negative stigmas and problems between women in the hardcore/punk scene spread widely. Through this film, we will see the different sides of women in the hardcore/punk scene. The women who are featured in this film are musicians, zine makers, and photographers. Although there are still plenty of other women in the scene, these women are some of the few who are still actively involved]


This might be a bit strange for some people. I have a problem with self-confidence and I have a problem with anxiety. Until I learned to love myself, although I still haven’t fully accepted myself. I’m still learning how to love myself, and I’m proud that I have been able to get through some of these issues on my own.


Women Who Inspire Women Series #1:


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