Hardcore Band TURNPIKE Release Heavy New Single ‘Blood4Blood’ [Philippines]

Straight from the heart of Cebu’s hardcore scene, TURNPIKE just dropped their latest track, ‘Blood4Blood’. It’s a raw and unapologetic outcry against racial discrimination and genocide, fueled by the struggles of the Palestinian people.

Turnpike’s music is straight-up hardcore music to break stuff to as Bryle Tomilap, the band’s vocalist would describe it. But with Blood4Blood, they also incorporated modern beatdown dynamics while steering clear of the typical “riff salad” structure. Guitarist Sean Villareal’s relentlessly brutal riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Tomilap’s impassioned vocals, delivering a message that demands to be heard.

When asked about their objectives for the song, Tomilap says, “May this song serve as a persuasive voice to those who chose not to have a stand against a racist’s abuses.”

Despite facing time constraints due to their day jobs, Turnpike poured their hearts and souls into this release. This is not just for the hardcore enthusiasts, but for anyone willing to listen to their message of peace. “We aim to appeal not just to hardcore music enthusiasts but anyone who has the attention span to listen to our message of peace,” Tomilap emphasized.

“This is the first song that we got to play live first before releasing. All our songs are released first and then played live afterwards, except for this song,” Villareal shared, highlighting the significance of Blood4Blood in Turnpike’s journey.

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