Damn. Fastcore Band GATS Show You How It’s Done [Malaysia]

Got nothing to add.
This shit is FIRE.

“We are GATS a 5 piece fastcore band hailing from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. We are influenced by bands like Machine Gun Romantics, Punch, Manhunt, Sex Prisoner and Coke Bust. We have dropped 3 out of 8 tracks from our upcoming debut EP. We expect to release it later this year. Inspiration for our songs mostly comes from personal and social struggle.

Here are the breakdowns of the tracks that we recently released.

Violence Box is about a toxic relationship that leads to violence and physical and psychological abuse.

Traumais about how a past trauma mold someone to become who he/she is today in a negative way.

Lastly, Fear/Painis about the struggle that most of women face until today that is harassment. They have lost the sense of security even when walking around familiar streets.”


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