Guitarist of Vietnamese Crossover Band Cut Lon Releases Coronavirus Posters

Guitarist of Vietnamese crossover thrash band Cut Lon has released a series of posters in order to encourage thousands of us all over the world to continue to fight this worldwide pandemic.

“Up until today 31 March, Vietnam has more than 200 cases of CoVid-19 virus. The next two weeks will be critical for us, as the whole country will enter the most vulnerable period. This should be the time when everybody needs to think more about each other and stay safe for the sake of the whole nation, or, for your grandparents. Yes, Vietnam has 0 dead, kudos to us!

To contribute to the project of, I made 3 poster designs to help spread awareness about this movement, as well as to fight against all these negativities and ignorance. The purpose is to have these printed and hung on your wall, windows (or send them out to of hospitals, doctor’s offices, or share on social media…) to help promote positive thoughts during these hard times.

About my designs, I enjoyed keeping it simple with a straight forward tone accompanied by Asian native visual elements.

– STAY SAFE Poster: Stay safe, stay home when you can. I drew an old-fashion steel door. We used to have this kind of door when I was a kid. Although there are more and more roller shutter nowadays, this beautiful-patterned-fence always brings me a nostalgic feeling.

– STAY SANE Poster: It’s pretty simple, I drew a pagoda roof to illustrate sanity. The message here is to encourage people to search for information from trusty sources, don’t spread ignorance and negativity.

– STAY POSITIVE Poster: Well, try to smile, even during these darkest hours.

In short, we’re all in this together. Be responsible for yourself and others.

Best of luck to us all,
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