Women Who Inspire Women Series: Tweety Abeja-Regala Guitarist of Choke Cocoi

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Tweety Abeja-Regala | Guitarist
Choke Cocoi | Philippines

Out of all the inspirational women that we’ve introduced thus far, today’s is the closest to us. We’ve (I’ve) known this amazing human being for decades and have always been floored by her deep love and passion for hardcore and punk rock. Not just the music, but the core ethics and beliefs are something that she has a deep affinity for having witnessed with her own eyes the huge impact it can have on the communities we live in. She is the definition of hardcore through and through – supporting her scene, her community, her family, her friends, and fellow bands. Fast forward to many years later, we’re now both raising daughters about the same age and making sure that we’re providing our daughters with excellent role models and a healthy/positive environment to grow and flourish in.

Tweety also plays in a legendary hardcore punk band in the Philippines called Choke Cocoi originally formed back in 1999. The band’s output is insane…and just a few days ago the band dropped an awesome collection on their bandcamp page for all y’all to help get you through all your self-isolation or quarantines wherever you are. The collection includes the awesome split record Choke Cocoi did with Urbanos, tracks that showed up on a Not Just Boys Fun CD compilation released in Japan, another KILLEr split they did with Tiger Pussy, and unreleased song called Undone. Get ready to be annihilated…

So without further ado…here’s Tweety’s top 5 women who have inspired her!

The long list of many inspiring women whose commitment to society, nature and future generations has proved significant to the world. The women of our past and modern women. UN Women Org. states that “women face several obstacles to participating in political life. Structural barriers through discriminatory laws and institutions still limit women’s options to run for office”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Photo Credit: David Pexton

However, a talented and young politician who currently represents the 14th Congressional district in New York beat the odds, therefore Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is number 1 on my list of inspiring women. She is the youngest woman ever elected to US Congress, and not come to play by the old rules of Washington.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I articulate the deepest need of the Filipino people, which is reform of a corrupt culture.” – Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

In the Philippines, we had a feisty Senator who ran for President and was my first choice for president in the election of 2016. She was a real public servant, the Iron Lady of Asia. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s accomplishments as a mother, wife, judge, teacher, writer, lawyer and senator were unsurpassed. Her track record both as a public official and as a private individual was unblemished as reported by the Philstar Global. I admire Cortez and Santiago because they’re not only knowledgeable in their field, they know what needs to be done and how to achieve it. We need more women legislators like them.

Ella Fitzgerald

Recognized worldwide as “The First Lady of Song,” Ella Fitzgerald is the finest female jazz vocalist of all time.

Beki Bondage
Photo Credit: Lloyd Phillips

Beki Bondage, the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Vice Squad (UK) and a supporter of animal rights. During my teens, I would constantly play Punk and Disorderly and listen to Vice Squad’s Last Rockers, using my ears I learned its chords and lyrics. That’s how I learned about chords and riffs.

Kira Roessler

Kira Roessler, bass player, singer, and songwriter and is best known for her work with Black Flag and Dos. In addition, she is an Emmy Award-winning dialogue editor and part of an Oscar-winning team. Her contribution to music and film industry seems to be unstoppable. She continued to excel in her career.

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Inspired by Revolver Mag’s own version, we wanted to showcase the amazing talent of female musicians involved in Asian hardcore, punk and metal scenes throughout this beautiful continent of ours. Get to know your scene, your community, the people that are making punk/hardcore/metal open to all people.  

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