Straight Edge Hardcore Band EXCESSIONS Release Debut EP [Malaysia]

EXCESSIONS, Malaysian Straight Edge act influenced by 90’s metallic hardcore bands like Strain, Strife, Outspoken, Unbroken, Undertow and newer bands like Ecostrike and Foundation, have just released a 6-track EP on Into The Fray Records.

Here’s some story and meaning behind the lyrics.

“Beyond The Unbroken is a story about a resilience and redemption, navigating the tumultuous terrain of human experience. Words paint the pictures of struggle and triumph, weaving a narrative that speaks to the indomitable spirit within. As confront the trials of existence, there’s a steadfast refusal to succumb to the flames of adversity. Through imagery that evokes both darkness and light, The depths of the human condition, exploring perseverance, defiance, and the quest for liberation from constraints.

The final track featured Kevin from No Excuse. Still, dedicated to the Straight Edge.”


Exploring themes of intense scrutiny and division in the world, driven by powerful desires and characterized by excessive behavior or extremes. It hints at a complex and possibly tumultuous emotional landscape.


Paint a picture of struggle, disillusionment, and the importance of maintaining one’s humanity and moral compass amidst adversity and manipulation. They seem to call for empathy, unity, and a deeper understanding of human nature.


A critical portrait of individuals who exploit their privilege, deceive others, and prioritize their own interests over the well-being of those around them.

Quest A Fear

Navigating life’s challenges, embracing resilience, and seeking inner strength and purpose amidst uncertainty and adversity. Dedicate to the Straight Edge.


Advocate for environmental conservation and highlight the urgent need to protect the Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity from further degradation. They serve as a reminder of our responsibility to act as stewards of the planet and to safeguard its natural wonders for the benefit of all life.


Resilience in the face of external pressures and constraints. Suggest a journey of self-discovery and empowerment amidst adversity and sacrifice.

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