Newly Formed Hardcore Band SIX COFFINS Release SICK Fullset Live Video [Nepal]

When your newly formed band includes the who’s who of your local hardcore scene, shit’s going to pop off! But how much this band pops off only on their second show is so pleasantly surprising!

We’re here to introduce the newest act on the Nepali hardcore circuit called SIX COFFINS. The band features members of Discord, The Doltish, Neck Deep in Filth, and Chain Ov Dogs, and clearly state that “We are mainly influenced by Kickback, Merauder, among others.” As captured in this live video, the band keeps EVERYTHING heavy and impactful. The grooves are hard, the riffs are sick, and the dual vocals weave in and out of their tones expertly.

And what’s even better, the video itself fully captures the reality of playing shows in places like Nepal. The band adds, “The video is from our second show which came complete with several power cuts and a dog bite at the 0:20 seconds mark hahaha!”

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