Today’s Our Five Year Anniversary! A Look Back At Our Top 20 Most Viewed Posts!

Five years! BOOM! That was quick…it’s interesting to reflect back on how this website began and what was the original catalyst. If you look at the “About” section on this website, the catalyst was just the lack of information on well-established music websites about bands from our parts of the world. Much like many of you, we too consume music daily. Not just listening to it, but wanting to know about what’s going on with bands, upcoming records, who they’re working with, interviews, etc. Literally, CONSUMING information is what we’re about.

So five years ago we finally decided, instead of WISHING that sites that we love like Metalsucks, Revolver, Metal Injection, Punk News, Blabbermouth, etc., would write about our scene and our bands (which they certainly do once in a while), why don’t we just do it ourselves.

And just like that, it’s been five years now…

In this time we’ve been so lucky to be blown away basically DAILY at the quality and quantity of bands who release music. Music that is almost ALWAYS inspiring – like, jaw-dropping inspiring. Like “How the fuck isn’t this the biggest band on the planet!?” inspiring.

So though it is our five year anniversary, we’d like to thank all the bands, labels, photographers, videographers, promoters, etc. who make Asia such an exciting place. It is ALL of you who keep us so engaged in what’s going on here…

So today…we decided to look back at the Top 20 posts on over the past 20 years…not surprisingly, it’s always the ones that cause some controversy that people seem to click on the most! Hahahaha…that’s how the word “clickbait” was coined after all.

Enjoy reading!

Thanks for supporting our small little initiative! Thanks for sharing this with your friends, your own fans, with the bands on your label…it’s all of you who have made the audience for this site grow daily and organically through word of mouth.


#1: Take A Moment To Mourn The Passing of A Hero Who Warned The World – And Got Arrested

#2: Goosebumps! Goosebumps! India loses their mind to Slash playing Sweet Child O’ Mine

#3: Limp Bizkit confirm title “Biggest Pieces of Shit on the Planet”.

#4: Vocalist of Malaysian crust punk band SVATANTRATA found dead in Vietnam

#5: Sick of it All gets grilled standing up for immigrants on their facebook page

#6: BREAKING NEWS: I Killed the Prom Queen detained in Malaysia

#7: Death metal show in Malaysia raided – show sabotaged by own scene’s band?

#8: Nick The Caulfield Cult issues emotional and on-point statement regarding logo drama

#9: Total Chaos gets ripped off by promoter – Indonesian punks to the rescue

#10: Malaysian Nazis strike again and prove just how confused they are.

#11: Incident at a hardcore show in Singapore…

#12: Crowdkilling…one of the stupidest, if not THE stupidest, trends in heavy music.

#13: Super rad video documentary of the skinhead scene in Singapore

#14: Oh damn! Documentary film about Japan’s hardcore punk scene in the 80’s being released

#15: Motherfucking scumbag gets caught on video copping a feel.

#16: Philippines hardcore loses an OG and all round nice guy – rest in power brother Dex

#17: We Stand With Our LGBTQ Community Worldwide – We Have Removed That MV

#18: Shit went down at Lady Fast event in Yogyakarta Indonesia last night…

#19: Legendary Japanese heavy metal band Loudness denied entry to the US

#20: Indian hardcore band Death By Fungi release fullset live video is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!