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* Our main objective with this site is to spread news about bands from Asia. If you are not from Asia than please don’t send us info. If you are a band from outside of Asia and will be touring here, releasing music here, than please go ahead and send us info.

We welcome you to contribute to our site! You may submit any type of “news” for your band, label, tour, release, etc.

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    This means your BAND’S WEBSITE not the link to your music video or bandcamp track or soundcloud file. Usually band’s will put their facebook page here or an official website. You MUST include some website that people can check you guys out on.

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    In this box you include as much information about your band as you can. This is also where you put the youtube/bandcamp/soundcloud link to your music or video that you’re trying to promote (please don’t use Reverbnation – it sucks). WE WILL TAKE WHATEVER YOU PUT HERE AND COPY AND PASTE IT INTO THE MESSAGE! So please be smart about what you write here.
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GENRE TAGS: Please specify what genre your band plays. We do not pretend to be that worldly in our knowledge of the vast myriad of music genres that exist out there. So please help us help you.

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