Killer Punk Band NO GOOD Back With Sick New EP Feat. CHANGES/PIRI REIS [Malaysia]

This band rules.

Coming off from their last full length ‘Punk Gong’, Malaysian punk band NO GOOD are back with a fully stripped back new EP entitled ‘ceKELAT’. The band states, “This EP is considered some sort of a reset for the band — now a duo – and carries the expectations to head in a more melodic direction. We are also exploring faster sub genres such as fastcore and mixing up English with our Kelantanese-dialect in our lyrics. (Kelantan is a state in Malaysia that borders Thailand).”

On the phenomenal collection of songs on this EP, it’s SO rad to see Miri Sutan from Piri Reis and Tasha from Changes featuring on a track. The band stated, “This is song is in response to several sexual harassment incidents in the KL punk scene. While this topic has been sung before, we hope with this song sexual offenders will take some time to ponder the impact of their perversion. The moshpit is supposedly a safe space for all — keep your misogyny and judgement at home! Apart from this, ceKELAT also discusses about the blur between violence in the screens and in reality in “Indifference to Violence” and suggesting that English-speaking folks learn other languages too in “No Spekka English””

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