Limp Bizkit confirm title “Biggest Pieces of Shit on the Planet”.

Over the weekend one of Taiwan’s biggest music festivals Hearttown Music Festival had the worst luck imaginable…the entire festival got clobbered by a typhoon that hit Taiwan.

Hearttown Festival

As you can see from the photo above, equipment (very expensive equipment) was thrown about and destroyed…the festival featured bands like The Used, Chthonic and one of the stupidest bands on the planet Limp Bizkit. But the organizers did their best to reorganize the schedule so that all the main bands were still able to play on Sunday – can you imagine the logistics and work that would go into reorganizing an ENTIRE festival full of headline acts all to appear on one day? And for all of it to still be at the whim of mother nature?

But they did it…they were able to go ahead on Sunday making Hearttown Festival one of the best in Asia to be able to pull all this off!

This morning however, my social media once again blew up with messages of Limp Bizkit’s stage antics. A whole barrage of disappointed Taiwanese people got online to spew vitriol against this band and their unprofessional stage behavior. This has what has been reported by numerous reports online:

On Sunday Limp Bizkit booted all but two other bands off the main stage, refusing to allow any other act to set up there, forcing the promoter to juggle the other main stage acts between the other stages. They demanded a brand new coffee machine for their back stage dressing room, threatening to cancel the show if one didn’t materialize. The tour manager commandeered the back stage bar, there for all the bands, as his own personal, private space, ordering out anyone who set foot inside.

Then, when the band did get on stage, Fred Durst spent much of his time blasting the organizer and Taiwan in general, calling it “amateur hour”. He poured water into the monitors and sprayed a volunteer photographer and his camera. Their “set list” had just one song on it.

After that, they appeared to be winging it. The show was finally shut down due to noise complaints. The show had been delayed due to the organizational nightmare Limp Bizkit had created with their prima donna antics, and it was past the festival’s permitted time. Local heroes Chthonic were suited up and ready to play. They could have saved the night. But thanks to Limp Bizkit, they didn’t get to play a note.

Another post in Chinese:

“Limp Bizkit??????????

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Fuck limp bizkit. ????????????????????


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