Sick of it All gets grilled standing up for immigrants on their facebook page

Worldwide hardcore legends Sick of it All have never been a band to shy away from standing up for causes they believe in. Vocalist Lou Koller (as does the rest of the band) keeps himself connected to happenings not only within his, quite troubled, country, but also due to the relationships the band has fostered all over the planet over their 35 years of traveling the world, is very cued in to what’s going on well beyond America’s borders.

Yesterday the band put up our post about an amazing event taking place in New York City on March 3 called NYC Migra Punk Fest ( featuring various American punk bands with immigrant members. The organizers of the fest were incredibly touched to get such recognition from a hardcore band of their stature. As we dove into the comments sections however, a whole war of the most racist, nationalistic rhetoric was being waged on their page which left us shocked.

Here are some choice responses by absolute buffoons who have no clue what Sick of it All is about as they attack the band for supporting various causes such as immigration, race, transgender issues, amongst others:

Attacking immigration:

WTF is this “immigrant” thing?? Nobody has a problem with them, it’s the ILLEGALS that people have a problem with…Don’t get brainwashed and political, your [sic] better then that SOIA.

I’m calling ICE and all you criminals are getting deported!!

Attacking “leftist liberals” and religion:

Illegals! Wtf are you just as crazy now as the lefty snow flake Political bullshit artist? 7 countries known to harbor and train terrorists out of 51 other Islamic country’s and You got a fucking problem with keeping my Country and Culture safe !!then Fuck you and Fuck off!!

Attacking transgender issues:

What’s next, a show to support poor snowflakes that can’t figure out which bathroom to shit in?

Disavowing to ever support Sick of it All again:

Fuck lame… You’ll never get a dime from me again SOIA.

What blows us away is that Sick of it All is a band with lyrical content that has always touched upon social/political issues and have never sugar coated content to sell themselves out in order to gain a larger fanbase. They say it like it is and wear their heart on their sleeves and have been doing exactly that since1986! Are you only JUST finding this out? The band was born and raised in the diverse streets of New York City – you think these guys wouldn’t understand the plight of those people who are ridiculed for their race, color, creed, sexual orientation, gender or religion? Have you been to NYC? You think a band with the following lyrics wouldn’t be a band that would support causes that empowered the marginalized?

“There are those who change the laws
For gain and furthering their needs
A small group possess the power
A minority dictating what’s good for the majority

We must fight – Injustice system
Have no rights – Injustice system
We must fight – Injustice system
Have no rights – Injustice system”


“I see the whites that hate the blacks
blacks that hate the jews, brother against brother
and they’re all to blind to see…
Why don’t you open up your eyes so you can see
open up your ears so you can hear
take a look around and you will find
take a look around and you will find out why ”

“Comfort is what we crave
The truth is disturbing vile and brave
Chastise the ones who bring it to light
With your head in the sand you wait to die


From Sick of it All showing support to the downtrodden so they feel emboldened to continue their long torturous battle with racism, sexism, misogyny, anti-gay rights, anti-transgender issues, islamophobia, anti-immigration, etc., all of which is getting worse every day, they’re getting attacked on their own page.

I don’t know about you but we’ll be blasting Sick of it All loud and proud for the rest of our lives. Hopefully the band will hear our voices as we thank them for providing us with the music and lyrics to scream back into the faces of racist bigoted fools who live in fear of what they don’t know or care to understand.

Fuck Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” – Sick of it All should put out a hat with this slogan “Make Hardcore About SOMETHING Again”.

“it’s so hard to make a mark when you wash away
it’s so hard to be remembered when you’ve got nothing to say
how could there be influence with quality in short supply?
forced to watch this impotence. a dozen for a dime

how can we deeply moved by their shallow words?
the message is expendable. cheap and mass produced
how could there be influence with quality in short supply?
forced to watch this impotence. a dozen for a dime.

where they do come from
what do they mean
some random kids from some random scene
what do they stand for
what do they mean
what are they saying
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