Take A Moment To Mourn The Passing of A Hero Who Warned The World – And Got Arrested

Yesterday a Chinese doctor – Li Wen Liang – passed away. He was a Wuhan doctor who back on December 30th already sounded the alarm about the virus that is plaguing people all over Asia (and now all over the world). While he was trying to inform the world about this virus and the veracity of it, he was then arrested by the Communist state for “spreading rumors”. This is what anything that is not complimentary of the Communist regime gets labeled. The Communist regime prides itself in portraying an image of a well-oiled machine with happy citizens who have zero complaints.

Zero complaints? False.

This hero of a doctor was arrested as were 7 others. For what? For informing people, based on their professional understanding of this virus AS DOCTORS, that something needs to be done.

He passed away after himself getting infected by a patient.

Right now – please take a moment wherever you are to mourn Dr. Li and the many others in China or around the world who even under the fear of life-threatening reprisals, still speak out.

Then remember to keep fighting for freedom of speech. NO ONE SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR INFORMING THE TRUTH. Apparently people on Chinese social media are demanding they have freedom of speech – but their posts, in true Communist-style, get deleted almost immediately.

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Read more about what happened to Dr. Li in the link below:

Wuhan doctor who was punished for trying to warn of coronavirus succumbs to the disease

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