Total Chaos gets ripped off by promoter – Indonesian punks to the rescue

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Story of the month unfortunately is not a happy one NOR one that will come as a shock to most people who live out here as we’ve heard this happen to touring bands over and over again. When it happens to seminal acts like Total Chaos who make it a point to work WITH punk rockers of all walks of life, that just makes the whole thing suck even more.

We want to MAKE SURE to mention that not ALL Asian promoters are pieces of shit like this guy who runs Gudang Records. We have tons of bands touring throughout Asia all year long, and amongst these throngs of bands touring, we have one or two incidents of complete stupidity by inexperienced promoters who are trying to make a name for themselves but then CLEARLY have bitten off more than they can chew and so get fucked, taking the bands down with them, AND taking “Asia” down with them as well.

But please remember touring bands – we have LOTS of legit promoters throughout the region that know what they’re doing and do it well. When you tour Asia, things may not be as a well oiled machine as touring Europe, Australia or the US, but if you’re working with the right promoters, your experience will be awesome.

Total Chaos issued a statement a few hours ago why they had to cancel their Jakarta show as you can read in immense detail down below.


We want to apologize and explain why we did not play the show in JAKARTA on Sunday night.

The reason that we did not make the show is because XAINAL from GUDANG RECORDS got us late to catch our flight from SINGAPORE to JAKARTA.

He refused to cross the border from MALAYSIA to SINGAPORE and we missed the flight to JAKARTA. Then he decided to drive us back to KLIA in KUALA LUMPUR which took another 5 hours, and we barely made that flight.

We arrived in JAKARTA at 8 pm, and then we got harassed at the airport by customs police for 1 hour. By the time we got out of the airport we found out that the show was already finished because the permit expired at 9 pm.

GUDANG RECORDS is the reason that we did not make the show in JAKARTA. And he never told us that we were supposed to play at 7:30 pm either. He also stole $4,000 USD of the money that we were supposed to use to get our flights back home to the USA from organizers from INDONESIA.

WARRIORS JAKARTA is not to blame for us not playing the show. They were very professional and did their job 100%.

Please boycott GUDANG RECORDS. He is a thief that stole from the INDONESIAN PUNKS and from TOTAL CHAOS. He needs to be found and dealt with.

We are really sorry for what happened, but it was not our fault. We love the INDONESIAN PUNKS and really wanted to perform in JAKARTA.

Please share and repost this message.


You would think that all is lost…but as you can see from their own personal Facebook page, not only have the Indonesian punk rock scene come together to take care of Total Chaos, but they have also found a way to put together a make up show last minute.

total chaos

It doesn’t excuse the fact that Gudang Records shirked his responsibilities and ran away. What a fucking pussy – at least man up that you were in over your head organising a tour for Total Chaos and try to work with the band to fix it!

Apparently, this is the asshole in question:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.14.33 am

Here is a great video of the Indonesian punk rockers came to Total Chaos’ rescue and are helping them out in Indonesia.

So for now – Jakarta – Total Chaos is playing March 22!!!

Squating in the Ghetto of Jakarta INDONESIA

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