Nick The Caulfield Cult issues emotional and on-point statement regarding logo drama

The Caulfield Cult

UPDATE: Recap of what has transpired. A few days ago the singer of a Singaporean indie-rock band The Caulfield Cult began posting his thoughts about a band called Bring Me the Horizon using an umbrella logo that looks exactly like the logo they’ve been using from the getgo. To help clear up any misunderstanding we reached out to Nick to provide a statement explaining his thoughts. To understand Nick’s honest and emotional statement below please first check out a direct comparison of both logos in question:

The Caulfield Cult

The Caulfield Cult umbrella logo is on the left
The Bring Me the Horizon umbrella logo is on the right

Now, without further ado…

“so here’s whats up.

i wasn’t aware of this until maybe two weeks ago because im not in the loop to anything bmth does. someone tagged me in something and i ignored it but dozens of my friends have been sending me messages and tagging me and shit the last couple of days, it’s hard to ignore and i can’t help but feel a tad bit disturbed.
yes, it’s a pretty common tattoo design. and yes, it’s probably a coincidence because we are an unknown band and bmth has definitely never heard of us. or maybe they saw it somewhere or someone wearing a shirt and forgot about it and then thought of it some time later, the similarities are pretty incredible, we don’t know, doesn’t really matter.
but this doesn’t change the fact that we treat this as our intellectual property. we’ve been using this logo for almost everything that represents our band, especially on our merchandise, since day 1 of the band back in 2011 and we obviously have an emotional connection to it. brian and i, who found the band, both got the umbrella logo tattooed on our legs last year in gainesville, florida, after we played what we thought at the time, was the most important show of our career. at the fest several of our friends also got the logo tattooed on them as tribute to us.
Nick’s umbrella logo tattoo:
The Caulfield Cult
Brian’s umbrella tattoo:
The Caulfield Cult
Umbrella logo tattoo on the UK band Godard as well as on the drummer of Cavalcades
we can be homeless musicians with only 50 likes on our facebook page and 2 followers on our instagram pages, how the logo represents us and what it means to us will not change.
what disturbs me is, they are going to make millions of dollars from their marketing campaign of what seems like a new album or whatever, from something that is extremely similar to something we put on t-shirts and sell for 10 bucks a piece to try to scramble enough money to buy gas to get to the next show on tour.
obviously we can’t do anything about it, and it’s going to be very awkward for us to continue using this logo on future merchandise and pretty awkward for our friends and anyone who owns a caulfield cult t-shirt with this logo on it because maybe they don’t want to be walking around in what people will think is a bring me the horizon shirt. maybe.
doesn’t even matter if we used it first ten years ago, it’s because bring me the horizon are thousands of times more famous than us worldwide, it automatically makes them creative owners of a white outline of an umbrella with raindrops below on a black background.
it means something to my band and i, i drew it with a pen on a piece of paper and my neighbour helped me trace it on his fancy computer art thing and that’s how we got it, back in 2011. we didn’t have a hired publicist or marketing campaign manager or whatever behind-the-scenes label people who sat around and went “hey, you know what’s good marketing and will build alot of hype and make a lot of money for us?”
we’re not pissed off or taking any further actions other than trying to let people, especially our friends, know what’s happening and what this originally means for us.
now excuse me as i get called bitter and a crybaby by 15 year old bmth fans and get social media notifications from them about how shitty, unsuccessful and unknown my band is. “ is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!