Shit went down at Lady Fast event in Yogyakarta Indonesia last night…

lady fast

Kolektif Betina has reported on their facebook a chronological series of what took place last night at the Lady Fast event in Indonesia.


Last night a documentary screening was going to take place regarding a video about women in the Indonesian hardcore/punk scene. A trailer of the video can be seen below:

A brief synopsis of the video:

“The role of women in the hardcore/punk scene in Indonesia is still quite minor. Because the hardcore/punk scene is considered a man’s world. Women who are involved in the movements of Indonesia’s hardcore/punk scene are rarely documented. The negative stigmas and problems between women in the hardcore/punk scene spread widely. Through this film, we will see the different sides of women in the hardcore/punk scene. The women who are featured in this film are musicians, zine makers, and photographers. Although there are still plenty of other women in the scene, these women are some of the few who are still actively involved

‘This Is Our Scene Too’ also emphasize the importance of giving proper exposure and credits to women in the community. Besides music, zine, photography and other works they produce, the continued support between one another is the key to maintaining the spirit of sisterhood.

This documentary film tells the stories women in the Indonesian DIY Punk, specifically those living in the island of Java. So far we have interviewed 14 women from all over java who are still involved in the DIY Punk today. Gender issues, sexism, sexuality and activism are all discussed in this film. It portrays how these women contributes to the DIY Punk community, and how it impacts their daily life to this day.”

However, upon waking up this morning social media was set ablaze with mention of something not going down well with ACAB on everyone’s facebook/twitter/instagram feed so you know some bullshit happened.

Here’s the rundown based on Kolektif Betina‘s post translated into English from Bahasa:

“1. Opening, workshop and sharing session lasts from 13:00 to 19:00 hours
2. The musical event starts at 19:30
3. The last band to start the show at 10 as scheduled and orderly.
4. At 10 arrival of approximately 15 people who did not identify which group they belong to. They demanded the event be canceled at once.
5. The owner of the place and the organizers tried to explain the event LadyFast but were met with insults and intimidating words from this group.
6. At that time the police were already on site. When an argument between the organizers and ladyfast broke out there was a sound of one shot fired in the air by a plainclothes police officer.
7. A representative of Lady Fast and the co-owner of the venue continued to try to dialogue with the group but again were not well received and insults were hurled again. There were accusations of “damage of morale” and this being an “immoral place”. The group threatened that 500 people would attack the event. They showed a gesture that would assume physical violence.
8. Lady Fast committee agreed to finish the event and began packing up the equipment, and asked all patrons of the event to disperse in an orderly manner.
9. One of our female friends who tried to get out of the chaos was physically attacked by members of the group while being yelled at screaming “You’re drunk huh? Drunk huh?” Other women patrons also received verbal abuse, such as  “Unclean!” “Women are not right!” “Ruin, tarnish! Rubbish!” And to those patrons who were wearing veils they yelled “Penance! Penance!”
10. When we were almost finished clearing equipment and entering stuff into the house,  a group broke into the house recording videos, taking pictures without permission, rummaging through the trash, then forcing their way into the house which has been closed and locked.
11. As they broke into the house they shouted “Allah akbar! Allah is the Greatest!”
12. Inside the house there were 10 people consisting of 3 men, 5 women and 2 children who were locked in from the outside. The keys were held by the owner of the house who was not at the scene because he was looking for help.
13. The group continued to try to force their way and destroyed the door handles and door hinges. Our friends were locked inside and had no way to contact the homeowners.
14. The police asked our friends to us into the house to force open the door from the inside, said that the situation is safe, and we have nothing to fear.
15. Our friends inside inquired whether or not the police had a search warrant. Police said that if we did not open the door, then the group will break in, so better we open the door. Finally our friends inside opened the door by force, because they did not have the key. The group shouted “Burn! Burn!”
16. After successfully opening the door, the police and about 15-20 people in the group went into the house, record videos, take pictures of faces. One female friend asked that they do not take pictures because the frightened children, they replied, “Ma’am, do you want an argument or a debate? What do you want? It’s easy I punch you!”
17. People were then taken by police to the Police Station – the reason given to us was “for safekeeping” and were questioned about what the event is, and inquired about books that were found with the LGBT logo. The books were the personal property of our patrons and were not part of our event.
18. Around 1:33 some of our friends were locked up by police finished questioning accompanied by friends LBH Yogyakarta.”

Our hearts go out to the organizers and patrons who found themselves in such a horrifying situation powerless against the insults both verbal and physical of a bunch of thugs and goons. Having these thugs and goons further supported by the police, makes the entire situation even more ridiculous and scary. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!