Malaysian Nazis strike again and prove just how confused they are.

Malaysian Nazis

The image above is making the rounds on social media as I type this. Read the caption – the gist is that a punk rock foreigner was hanging out in Malaysia and accidentally mingled with the wrong crowd. The crowd, based on assumptions, were a bunch of punk rock Malaysian kids who, again, I can only assume, got this foreign punk rocker super excited to be able to hang out with some local punk rockers and learn about each other’s cultures through some commonality found in the sub-culture that both groups seemed to be a part of. However, unfortunately for this guy – it turned out to be a bunch of confused, bigoted local dudes that believe in “Malay power”. Why did I state “confused”? Because in Malaysia there is a strange occurrence amongst a select few imbeciles who have embraced Nazi ideology. Yes – Malaysian Nazis. Confused? So are these idiots who voluntarily associate themselves with an ideology steeped in ignorance and hatred based on race and the idea that any one race/people can be superior to anyone else. Yes – in 2015, this type of thinking still exists.

For those reading this for the time – I can almost see you scratching your heads in disbelief and shock. But this “Malay power” crap is not new to the area nor is it new to Malaysia.

Don’t worry – this group is in the extreme minority and the vast majority of Malaysians are (as should be expected) amazing people with an immense love for heavy music (and music in general). There are also peace loving anti-racist Malaysian skinheads that work in direct retaliation to this group of morons and the hatred that they hide their own insecurities and lack of confidence behind.

Why the vitriol in this post? Because one of our own got jacked by a group of people who mask themselves as one of our own.

Fuck that shit. Racism and bigotry have no place in hardcore and never will.

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