ZINE ALERT: Nepal-Based Radical/Anarcho Library, The Infoshop, Release Issue 3 of Zine

YES!!! Now, THIS is a good morning! If you haven’t fired up your cup of coffee yet, you now have something awesome to read while getting your morning started! Zines were always one of our favorite aspects of the hardcore/punk culture growing up. If it wasn’t for zines we would not have gotten a better understanding of the ethos behind this worldwide movement. Sure the music is what hooks you in, but it’s what the members of the community express through zines that helped get a much better understanding of the history and morals and values behind what is “hardcore” and “punk rock”.

Zines from around Asia are always even more valuable to us so we can hear the thoughts of people from our neck of the woods.

Nepal based radical + anarco library called The Infoshop that has been active in Kathmandu for 20 years now (!!!!) has just released the third issue of their zine. We were interviewed for it as well! Huge honor for me to get an email out of the blue from the amazing punk rock human being Sareena of Ris Records/The Kathmandu Killers and our favorite Rai Ko Ris to be included in this issue.

If you’re like, I’ve downloaded it and will print it out to read it the way it’s meant to be read – with a cup of coffee, on the subway, on a bus, etc.

Go support the library at this link (GREAT website!!!): https://infoshopnepalorg.wordpress.com/

And here’s the direct link to issue 3: HERE


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