ZINE: Dope Singaporean Fanzine ROTTEN TIMES Issue 2 Out Now [Singapore]

So stoked for the SE Asian scene that they have a zine of this quality available to them! Singapore-based fanzine, ROTTEN TIMES, is brought to you by a collection of photographers & show organizers that features photos and interviews with punk/hardcore/emo bands, show organizers, and artists in Singapore mostly but also some Malaysia.

They were even kind enough to send us some images that showcases the quality of the writing and layout:

So dope…

We even sent out some questions to find out more about this incredible zine.

UA: What am I excited about in this issue?
Firstly, I’m excited to let people read the interviews. Whereas in the first issue interviews were an afterthought, this time round I conducted face-to-face interviews (mostly), and the subjects really opened up about their backgrounds, motivations, dreams, experiences etc. Hopefully it’ll show readers the people behind the music they love.

Another exciting aspect is the aesthetics — my friend Sham (from Plainsunset) did the design and he really went all out and experimental with it, giving us some really sick looking pages.

UA: That’s quite a big amount of time between both issues. 
Mostly the long process of getting subjects to meet up for interviews, and then the process of transcribing and editing interviews. And after that there were issues with the printer (the first run they did was problematic so everything was trashed and redone). But I’m glad that it’s finally out, and hopefully it gave readers some time to catch a breath between issues.

UA: How can people order this second issue from overseas?
The zine will be available at:
Malaysia: Sonic Rage Records (KL), Kambai records (Sabah), ConfinedxSpace (Labuan), Ruas store (Penang), Bebal Mailorder (Melaka), 321Go (Johor), AKA Distro (Johor)
Indonesia: Rysograph (Bandung, @rysograph on IG)
Australia: Wasted Opportunities (Brisbane), Repressed records (sydney), Televised Suicide (Perth), Lulu’s (Melbourne)
USA: Rotten To The Core (California), Sorry State (North Carolina)
Europe: Refuse records (Germany)

It may take a while for the zine to reach all these spots. If all else fails, contact me directly! And I always love linking up with more distros all around the world!

You can contact the amazing people behind the zine here: https://www.instagram.com/there.will.be.snooze/

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