Pop Punk Band A Twist In My Story Release Super DIY Music Video [Philippines]

Whenever we see 4 minutes on a youtube video for a punk song we get worried…that’s entirely too long for anything punk related. But the boys in Philippines pop-punk band A Twist In My Story have released their second single ‘In Troubled Seas, We Sail’ via this super DIY music video, and it’s actually not that bad. [Full disclosure, we did get up in the middle to get a cup of coffee]. Originally the band was one of those that just sent us the following type of message “We have released a video”. So what we’ve been doing is with every submission that has barely any information, we actually reply to each submission asking for more info. And so begins the dance of back and forth emails until we get something. So after a bunch of emails, this is ALL the band could put together:

“This song is filled with positivity and hope. We are inspired by those artists who have life-encouraging thoughts in their songs such as Four Year Strong, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Neck Deep, Saosin, and many more”.


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