ZINE/INTERVIEW: Vocalist of WHISPERS Launches First Issue Of New Zine TWO SWORDS

Always stoked to help out the Asian scene – our home, our place of birth, our everything.

The vocalist of Thai metallic hardcore band WHISPERS has just launched the inaugural issue of his new zine called TWO SWORDS. He was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions and even send us some pics of the zine itself.

Check it out below!

UA: Yo Mike! Congrats on the first issue of your new zine! Can you tell me why you wanted to create a DIY zine in Thailand? Thai hardcore is definitely popping the fuck off!
Yooo brother! First of all, I want to thank you for having me and my crew do this interview and letting the world know about our first DIY zine project and other stuff which will come out in the future! We really appreciate you a lot!

So the reason I created this is because of the love and obsession I have for hardcore and, particularly, the Thai hardcore music scene which pushed me to the direction where I’m enjoying my life surrounded with people who are passionate in this sub-culture. I appreciate that people have been so supportive of me and my crew. In reality I think everyone has a duty of living your life efficiently and of course it feeds your body but I did this thing to feed my soul and that’s why I would like to take this feeling to all Thai hardcore people to fulfill their hearts like mine.

“I did this thing to feed my soul.”

UA: Such a sick reason to do this man, especially because you’re keeping the zine in Thai which will REALLY help Thai people truly understand the culture of hardcore. Instead of it being in English and then people will have to translate. Was it a big decision to choose the language for the zine?
Definitely yes brother I have to get ready for English version in the near future because we have plans to do that with some overseas hardcore bands too. But for now I’m just focused on Thai people and want to go step-by-step before I decide to go bigger brother. So yes I’m down for English version for sure but not for now lol!

UA: Yeah man – that’s what I did in Hong Kong back in 1999 when I started King Ly Chee. At the same time I started a zine called Start From Scratch and released the zine in English and Chinese and then later I found out that there was a zine in Thailand called arise that was also bilingual – English and Thai. For both of us the focus was the local community so it makes sense that you’re doing it in Thai first. If you’re thinking about what the BIG ideas are you want to express to Thai people about hardcore – what are the big ideas for you?
Let me tell you guys that I really enjoy being part of this community. In my actual life I’m struggling everyday just like every working class person that wants to have a good life and good mental health too. This scene provides this for me and is where I belong because I can do whatever I want. This culture is not just my band & my music and I am really proud to be a hardcore fan. I want to introduce many people who don’t know about this music and this culture through this zine. I want to get them into hardcore and into this community through the zine.

UA: Hell yeah! So how often will you release an issue? And will every issue have interviews or articles about different parts of hardcore like explaining straight edge or something?
Depends on how fast they all sell out LMAO and every issue I make will have interviews and articles too. For example, this first issue is about Thai hardcore singers. We ask questions like who is your favorite singers of all time and who are your favorite hardcore singers active right now. It’s just a simple question but the readers will understand the conversation and they get tons of recommendations in the meantime as well.

UA: Sick man! Good luck with the zine!
Thank you big brother!

Grab a copy directly from the fellas here: https://www.instagram.com/2swordzequipment/

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