Women Who Inspire Women Series: Na-Eun Oh of Traitor / Clownus

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Na-Eun Oh | Vocalist
Traitor  / Clownus| South Korea

Photo Credit: Rami Young
Translated By: Geon Edge

One of the joys of running this website for 5 years now is being sent so many bands from all over Asia to put up on the site. One of the bands sent to us was a brutal death metal band called Traitor out of Busan, South Korea. It was sent to us by one of our good friends Geon of All I Have who is so proud of any band from his city. As soon as we hit play on this madness we immediately knew why he was excited…Traitor is heavy AS FUCK. “Who’s their vocalist???”

Meet Na-Eun Oh from Busan.

Na-Eun Oh says “I was 15 when by complete accident a friend of mine showed me a band called Cannibal Corpse. As soon as I heard it I wanted to know more about what this was and soon after I joined my very first band in 2013. In 2017 I joined a brutal death metal act called Traitor and then a year later I joined a band called Clownus which combines deathcore with some melodic black metal elements.”

While Traitor shows Na-Eun Oh’s more brutal side, Clownus shows Na-Eun experimenting a lot more on different vocal techniques and tones. It’s fucking amazing…

Check out her top 5 below…

Floor Jansen 

Floor Jansen is the vocalist of Nightwish and she has incredible vocal skills beyond any genre of music. Besides her vocal skills, she also has unbelievable stage presence & performance. She is a performer who looks always happy when singing a song. That’s why I respect her.

Som Pluijmers
ex-Cerebral Core / ex-Your Chance To Die

Som Pluijmers is the ex-vocalist of Cerebral Core and Your Chance to Die. Either way, she is my absolute role model. Her vocal skills are second to none. She can do everything from growling, guttural screams, pig squeal, etc. It makes sense that she’s so capable because she started singing in metal bands at a very young age.

Angela Gossow
ex-Arch Enemy
Photo Credit: Jo Hale

Most people should recognize Angela since she is the ex-vocalist of the massive melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. She was the very first female vocalist I admired when I got into metal. I was very inspired by her when I was young.

Whitney Houston

One of the most famous singers on the planet. Even though she’s no longer with us now, I still admire her soul and passion. I still have so much for love for her music and singing because ever since I was young she left a huge impression on me.

Jessie J

Jessie J is a pop singer from the United States who utilizes a whole bunch of vocal techniques and methods. She is so cool. When I hear her singing it’s so full of passion yet she can be so relaxed on stage. It makes me think that she must be happiest when she’s on stage.

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