Women Who Inspire Women Series: Tina Cho Vocalist of Spit

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Tina Cho | Vocalist
Spit | Taiwan

Tina is a Taiwanese vocalist who fronts raw as fuck, feedback soaked hardcore punk band SPIT. The band doesn’t have anything recorded but earlier this year released a bunch of live videos and holy shit, just from hearing the d beat fury and the anger in her vocals, we already have high hopes on whatever the band records. For the world to hear the fury of Taiwan is going to be awesome.

Tina early on was inspired by the music and ethics of the DC hardcore scene of the ’80s. She especially speaks fondly of Ian Mackaye in his Minor Threat days that had a huge impact on her own ethics and understanding of DIY culture.

We look forward greatly to hear some recorded material by Spit. For now, go check out her inspirations below!

Saira Huff
Detestation, Resolve, Question
Photo Credit: Justina V.

Saira Huff is the frontwoman of bands such as Detestation, Resolve, and Question, the bassist of Faggot, the guitarist of Atrocious Madness, and the vocal of Bastard Noise, in which she incorporates a sense of terror and agitation to the band’s signature harsh noise.

Saira Huff runs a fashion label in New York and established her own studio, On the Edge of Time. In an interview, she was asked about whether punk fashion is stupid and skin deep. Saira answered that some punk bands are just stupid and skin-deep, no matter how punky they look or wear. What appeals to Saira in punk rock is freedom, which enables people to become what they want to be. Being unique is a must for a punk, in Saira’s point of view. It’s this same attitude in punk rock that I also share with her.

Jarboe La Salle Devereaux

Jarboe is the vocalist and keyboardist of Swans, which she joined in 1984. She was also the vocalist of World of Skin and sessioned in Jesu.

I learned everything about Jarboe in a book called Angry Women in Rock. Being the daughter of an FBI agent, Jarboe had been kept under surveillance since her childhood. After paying her dues, she joined Swans and gained prominence in 1985, during which the art scene was still a very much masculine world. Jarboe suffered sexism, physical assault, being spit on, but she didn’t back away and instead focused hard on creating art. Instead of saying something that is politically correct, she believes actions speak louder than words. Some people think she is a weakling, but in fact, she is the exact opposite.

Suzi Quatro
The Pleasure Seekers

Suzi Quatro was the frontwoman and bassist of The Pleasure Seekers.

I believe that Suzi is adored by many. My father was fond of 1970’s glam rock when I was little, and under his influence, I came to like Suzi, who is the first female rock n’ roll icon I know. She is also the first prominent female bassist in the rock scene. She once asked how she acquired success in the male-dominated music scene of the ’70s, in response she said that she was just a musician, and the issue of gender was never a consideration. I think that might be related to her family and the musical education Suzi’s father gave her. Suzi Quatro is probably my top 3 in terms of female rock stars.

Billie Holiday
Photo Credit: Michael Ochs

Billie Holiday is one of my favorite female singers. She occupies a special place in my heart even if her reputation was destroyed by drugs and alcohol. One of her most impressive songs is ‘Strange Fruit’, an anti-racist anthem. It was originally a poem written by Abel Meeropol. At first, Billie Holiday didn’t like to sing this song, because her father died of lung disease, which did not get proper treatment due to racism. Still, she felt obliged to sing it, because discrimination and lynching were still going on.

Kathleen Hanna
Photo Credit: Tammy Rae Carland

Kathleen Hanna is the frontwoman of Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin, and Viva Knievel.

My last but most favorite icon is Kathleen Hanna, pioneer of the riot grrrl movement. I can still feel girl power from listening to Bikini Kill’s entire catalog of music. She is creative and charming, and there is no way I would not include her in my top 5 list.

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