Women Who Inspire Women Series: Nellisa Fairuz Vocalist of Fausse Humanite

Women Who Inspire Women Series

Nellisa Fairuz | Vocalist
Fausse Humanite | Malaysia

Nellisa is the reason why there needs to be more exposure and representation in our world. She is the reason why we need to encourage and provide platforms to people who don’t usually have an opportunity to showcase their talents or allow them a place to share their thoughts. Our world of hardcore, punk, and metal continues to be pretty much male-dominated, and thus often what bands produce or the thoughts they share, is just same ideas rehashed for decades. For non-straight/non-males, there’s not a lot of representation on the stages of the shows they attend. Due to this, it’s not often that they can see THEMSELVES up there. And so they blend into the background, relegating themselves to audience status.

For Nellisa in Malaysia, something momentous happened to her in her life, that changed all that.

She saw a band called Fuse.

Fuse – Singapore

“I was born in Ipoh and got involved in hardcore when I was about 16 years old. At the time though, all I did was attend shows with my friends and support the bands from my scene.”

Intrigued, we, of course, pursued our questioning further “So how did you start singing in a heavy AF band like Fausse Huanite?”

“One day I went to a show and a Singapore hardcore band called Fuse got on stage. There in front of me was a band full of females singing, screaming, playing the guitar, super passionate on stage. At the time there weren’t many Malaysian bands that had female members. After watching them, that’s what I wanted to do. You won’t believe this but, I saw them in August of 2017, and a month later I started the band Fausse Humanite.”

That. Is. The. Power. And. Need. For. Representation.

Please support and nurture diversity in your scenes. Please help by sharing music and art by bands or artists who push the envelope. You never know which lost soul is sitting there in the dark somewhere in this world, whose life you will change by showing them that there are people exactly like them on stages and in bands across the planet.

Enjoy Nellisa’s Top 5 list below and go support her INSANE band.

Larissa Stuppar
Venom Prison
Photo: Jake Owens Photography

She is easily one of my biggest influences ever since I first heard in her old band Wolf Down. There is so much her voice that I admire – especially how solid and brutal her screams are. I’ve picked up so much about vocal techniques from observing her. The way she delivers her screaming is so inspiring.

Reba Meyers
Code Orange
Photo by Angela Owens

It was my bassist who introduced me to Reba. I had no idea about her prior but DAMN, learning about her hit me HARD. Her energetic performance and how AGGRESSIVE she is on stage with all her extremely powerful movements…she basically uses the entire stage. Code Orange is most definitely the biggest influence on my own band’s music.

Doris Yeh

The best female bassist in Asia!

Jess Nyx
Mortality Rate

What Jess did to address the issue of people using “Female Fronted” as a genre in any music was so important to me. It helped open many people’s minds and helped them understand that “female-fronted” is not a genre.


Of course…Fuse. A month after seeing Singapore hardcore band Fuse play in Kuala Lumpur, I started Fausse Humanite.

Morgan Rutledge
Revenge Season

The last person that I want to mention is probably controversial now. One of my earliest influences to even start a band, besides Fuse, of course, was a band called Revenge Season. Their vocalist Morgan Rutledge was one of the main reasons I’m even in a band right now. I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am that they turned out to be racists. I was so inspired by their music and her vocals, that for them to turn out the way they are was very difficult for me. I considered not including them in this list, but I have to be honest that they WERE a very big influence when I first started. It wasn’t until a year after starting Fausse Humanite that I learned about their racism.

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