Post Rock Act TATION Tackle Social Issues in China on New EP [China]

“You never wake a person who pretends to sleep”

This is how Chinese post rock band TATION feel about various social events in China in the past three years. ‘Illusions of the New Era’ have a tacit ambiguity about the strange social phenomenon that happened in the Chinese mainland from 2021 to 2022. These compositions are triggered by a series of current emotions and fragmented feelings, and the band wants to dub the strange era they are experiencing with four different styles of instrumental music.

The MV of the first single The Waking of Insects tells the story of a Chinese-style utopia through a drama film. In the 51st year of COVID-19(reign title), The Undead People’s Utopian Kingdom(UPUK) was depressed because of the epidemic. A band playing at the X district Freedom Conference alarmed the sleeping people, They are wearing Undead masks with anti-virus effects and heading for the imaginary future or past…

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