Black Thrash Metal Band ACHEROZU Release New Single [China]

Black thrash metal band ACHEROZU is a band formed in Manchuria, China back in 2010. The band’s English name, Acherozu, comes from a combination of Acheron, the river of the underworld in Greek mythology, and Zu, the ancient Chinese word which in extend meaning death.

In 2015, the band released their first album ‘Uncrowned King’ under BEIJING THANATOLOGY PRODUCTIONS. In 2017, it released its single “Fangs”, which was included in the Chinese black metal compilation album “Black War Group Chapter Ⅲ”. In 2019, the band released its second album “Vendetta Ocean” through TALHEIM RECORDS of Austria, became the first metal band from northeast China to release an official album in Europe.

The band has always focused on the themes of Chinese historical warfare and mythological epics, and its style highly influenced by European thrash metal/black metal music, beyond that the band try not to define its genre too much. For more than ten years, although the band has been active on the stage mainly in northeast region of China, the wide promotion of the album at abroad has been making its works recognized by the metal communities around the globe. In 2020, the band turned and signed with Pest Productions, one of the most famous and successful metal record label in Asia, and started to follow Pest on a series of black metal themed tours in China in the same year.

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