Death Metal Band Thánh Dực Drop New EP [Vietnam]

Vietnamese death metal band Thánh Dực have released a new EP entitled ‘Flying Fotress’.

The band state, “We take inspiration from glorious battles against invaders throughout history, intense moments between life and death, and the brutality of war.”

The band also did a track by track breakdown for the songs on the EP:

Flying Fortress
Depicts Linebacker II operation in 1972, the bombing campaign in Northern Vietnam put the government in a difficult situation before the Paris Peace Accords – Ending The War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam.

Bloodstained Sea
The finest hours of the attack led by Nguyễn lords to capture undefeated strongholds protected by Tây Sơn. The largest naval battle in a civil war between Nguyễn lords and Tây Sơn.

Bóng Ma Rừng Già
During the Vietnam War, guerrilla warfare tactics and extreme environmental conditions terrorize the enemy. The fear of invisible threats is beyond their mind to comprehend.

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