30 Years In – Oi Punk Band THE END Drop New Single ‘My Life’ [Indonesia]

Honestly, it’s hard to say we know many oi punk bands out here in Asia who have been at this game 30 years straight…check out Indonesian oi band THE END who 30 years in, have just dropped a brand new single ‘My Life’. The band states, “This latest single is our declaration of pride about our past 3 decades. Our vocalist/guitarist has been lived a skinhead existence for the past 30 years.” Word.

The band was formed in 1993 as just a regular old high school band inspired by oi and street punk bands from the UK and US such as Blitz, Sham 69 and Urban Riot. The band dropped their debut album ‘Made in Indonesia’ back in 1998 which was heralded as legendary at the time for its unique guitar tone – clean without distortion.

THE END continue to be legends for Indonesian skinheads and for WARRIORS JAKARTA.

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