Anime-Inspired Deathcore Band Human Instrumentality Project Release Trailer [China]

“My whole existence and purpose was all leading up to today? This exact moment ?”
“It is.”

Then, the Human Instrumentality Project begins ——

Human Instrumentality Project is an anime-inspired deathcore band from Guangzhou, China. Most of their compositions are based upon the animation “NEON GENESIS EVANGELION” and by using deathcore, present the Evangelion universe across the canvas of their music.

Their album and promo artwork display a world that is distorted, morbid, and full of mental pollution, where mankind breathes a gloomy and dead atmosphere.

Deeper themes of psychological breakdown and religious iconography are woven in tightly and all throughout and twisted into new musical DNA strands. By combining classical music as well as backing music from the anime OST with brutal ripping deathcore the band is able to capture the duality of humanity present throughout Evangelion.

Human beings are always lonely because there is an insurmountable “wall of heart” between each other.

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