Pop Punk Band Palmera Spring Release Debut Track [Philippines]

Since being formed about three years ago, pop-punk outfit Palmera Spring from the Philippines has released their first original song. “Lawnchair Larry” is an ode to Larry Walters who flew over California using an elementary rig of 45-helium filled balloons tied to an ordinary lawn chair.

The childlike naivety yet obstinate determination of Walters to “just do it” inspired vocalist Jamie Ogalesco (also of catpuke) to write and sing about the event. “It’s quite inspiring to see someone just wake up one day and decide to do their childhood dream with no hesitation whatsoever.” She says. Until now, it still remains a mystery as to what caused Walters to take his own life. “I spent days just thinking about him. Which honestly was weird but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Just like– why?” Ogalesco said.

When asked what he thinks of the track, Dumlao mulls that it reminds him of his teenage years when he used to listen to a lot of 2000’s pop punk, especially blink-182, etc. This is not surprising as the four members are all heavily influenced by both old school and new school pop-punk bands.

“Although we’ve definitely had several talks about how we’re getting tired of the “sadboi” sphere of it.” Ogalesco noted. “We all just want to bring back some of that fun old school pop-punk without totally being out of touch, I guess. Especially that the four of us are all just working-class drones as most of society is haha! God, that’s so fucking pretentious out of context, huh?”

Palmera Spring is currently working on their album and will be releasing more songs later this year.


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