Chengdu Hardcore Represent – Gaiwaer Drop Music Video and New Single [China]

Today China’s celebrating their 10th annual CNHC Hardcore fest and is the perfect time to drop a brand new music video AND new single by hard-hitting Chengdu-based hardcore band Gaiwaer. (The vocalist seriously sounds like David Wood of Down To Nothing fame.)

In terms of the first track in the music video, what the song tackles is almost exactly what us in Hong Kong have been screaming about for the past couple of years. “The song is my general reflection of current life in China. How the police are no longer out to fight for justice. It’s just a job that they clock in and clock out of. Reporters as well are no longer interested in doing any investigative work. People no longer care about politics and only care about worshipping entertainment and amassing wealth. Teachers are not about educating, instead they’re about getting high marks on exams. This is the current life of us Chinese.”

Many of what the vocalist has expressed is what us in Hong Kong have been saying is the path that we’re currently heading towards. The powers that be’s fixation on the “economy” above all else will eventually mean a population of people who only care about wealth instead of things that really matter – like our humanity.

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