Volume 2 of Singapore Punk Rock/Hardcore/Oi/Ska Compilation Punkadelia Up Now

Check out volume 2 of Punkadelia. This time around it features over 2 hours worth of Singapore punk, hardcore, oi, and ska-punk music curated by the guitarist of Take Off. Such a dope initiative and a reminder of how vibrant the Singapore scene is!

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“When I first thought of creating a playlist for local punk rock during this time, I thought it’d be just a way for people to listen to some good music, chase away the boredom and look ahead to a time when we’d get to do what we love doing – playing shows, attending gigs, catching up, checking out new merch, etc. I never expected the massive reception and support it would get, and am really really blown away. Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, listened to, featured and supported Vol. 1. It means the world, really, especially to all the bands, all the punk rockers, moonstompers, skinheads, misfits and misunderstood kids.

The second time is always better than the first (you know what I’m referring to ;)). Vol. 2 is huge, spanning over 2 hours of music from punk rock bands of all stripes – be it hardcore punk, street punk, Oi!, ska-punk, pop-punk or emo-punk. Check out also the sounds of Mod music, courtesy of Madman and The Harvard.”


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