Street Punk Band Bao Qing Release New Single “Tomorrow” [China]

These are the types of China-based bands we love, the ones who aren’t scared to release controversial music to commemorate tragic dates. Changsha street punk band Bao Qing has released a track entitled Tomorrow – the date of the release coincides with a tragic event that happened in China many years ago that gets celebrated every year OUTSIDE of China – especially here in Hong Kong – because the event is so sensitive that it can’t be remembered in China. You can look at your calendar to see what that is. This year will be the first year in DECADES that the event has been banned in Hong Kong and Macau. In Hong Kong, it has been banned because of the government’s bullshit “social distancing” measures – convenient excuse right? But this year will be the first year that the US Congress will be marking the date. Can you believe the symbolism in this act? Amazing.

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