From Hong Kong to USA to the Philippines to India to Anywhere Injustice Exists – We Stand With You

On this Sunday night as the world has gone up in flames with people finally standing up and fighting back using whatever means necessary against tyrannical regimes, police brutality, decades, and centuries of abuse of power…we stand with you loud and proud here in Hong Kong.

Our own lives have been torn upside down since June of 2019 (and actually, for many years before that), but these last two weeks have been extremely difficult as the CCP government has passed a “national security law” without going through the judicial/legislative process here in Hong Kong and by doing so, have completely ripped up an international treaty they signed in the 80’s promising a high degree of autonomy for our city for at least 50 years after the handover. It’s only been 23 years since the handover and they have interfered and infiltrated our city in numerous manners impacting life in our home.

As we sit here dealing with our own city being hammered by a brutal government-sanctioned police force, we watch as the USA burns, people marching in the Philippines against a ridiculous “Anti-Terror Bill”, India continuing to reel from the anti-Muslim CAA law that inflamed the entire country into religious warfare, and all we can do in these dark times is offer solidarity to those out there fighting day in day out against broken and corrupt systems of failed governance trying to hold on to what’s left of their power.

Keep up the good fight. 
We’re all on the right side of history.
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