With our ongoing UK X ASIA series on the website, our first article of Asian bands meeting UK bands went over so well (read about Malaysia’s BODY RAG taking on Brighton’s BODYBAG HERE), we’re back with our second instalment.

Meet Korea’s NO SHELTER as they check out Brighton’s NO RELIEF. We’ve had the pleasure of watching both of these bands rip it up with their supremely HARDER take on the NYHC sound. Both bands bring the ruckus in their approach to hardcore that includes tons of groove, insane song structures, and a LIVE show that gets people moving wall to wall.

First up – NO SHELTER spend time checking out NO RELIEF’s brilliant new EP ‘Destry Your World’:

“This EP shows the harmony of symbols and guitar sounds creating an aggressive sound like a rain of arrows. [Editor’s Note: What a killer sentence!!!]

The play with fast guitars and sick drum parts, which transition from fast to mid-tempo as naturally as water flowing, with metallic hardcore riffs and tones. In the part leading up to the first track ‘Throne of Lies’ it was fun to check out who was being featured on the track – and we were able to guess that it was the vocalist of Desolated just by hearing his tone.

What we’re super blown away by is that the mixing and mastering on this EP is so good it sounds more close to it being a full length album than an EP. Basically, the production provides a perfect lisetn.

We especially loved ‘Day By Day’ – since it is a song that appropriately combines melodic elements and metal sounds withing the structure of hardcore. The final sing-along part of ‘Day By Day’ allows us to imagine a scene that can break down the boundary between the artist and the audience, thereby showing hardcore itself.”

And now…NO RELIEF taken on NO SHELTER’s 2018 full-length ‘Karma Kills’.

“So these guys were sick, the HM-2 style guitar tone is proper buzzing, pretty crazy. Lots of cool stomp parts and the vocals had a bit of an NYHC flavour. Musically I could see it fitting well alongside a bunch of bands, from Incendiary to Minus… really versatile band. I’d hit the dancefloor for a few of these tracks!

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