UK X ASIA: Malaysia’s BODY RAG Take On Brighton’s BODYBAG

This was fun to put together!

As a way to continue to try to bridge the UK scene with my home – the amazing Asian scene, it was fun to find bands with very similar names to check out each other’s music. So ladies and gents and nonbinary folks, welcome Brighton’s BODYBAG with Malaysia’s BODY RAG.

Upon listening to Malaysia’s BODY RAG, drummer of BODYBAG had this to say:

“Was chilling with Joey our guitarist and listened to the record! It’s fucking dope, we both talked about the production on it and how we love how fucked up it is, gave us a Napalm Death vibe at times then some hard death metal slam sections came with it which is also a fun thing to add to extreme fast music. Very cool band.

As a drummer, I love listening and watching drummers that play with style and the drummer in this band did that ahahah which is sick.”

Upon listening to Brighton’s BODYBAG, Body Rag stated:

“Bodybag is one of the sickest hardcore bands doing it right now in the UK. We feel really honored to talk about their EP.

The samples on this EP are spot on. They write incredible songs that jump out of the speakers and the energy is intense. ‘Scum’ is full of some sick blast beats that keep us wanting more. On tunes like ‘Already Obliterated’, you will hear exactly what we’re talking about. You will experience riffs that suffcoate you while also creating a force that will have you headbanging non-stop.

We love the way that Bodybag is able to blend hardcore and death metal perfectly. Looking forward to hearing more!”

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