Powerviolence Band Speech Odd Release Clips of Debut Show [Thailand]

A couple of weeks ago we were SO excited to debut a brand new Thai powerviolence-trio called Speech Odd. The band’s demo is frickin’ spectacular and since then, the band has printed physical copies of their demo, released them, and then proceeded to sell out of said copies. All in days…AMAZING. Check out the full post about the band HERE.

Today, however, the band has released a quick clip of them playing their first-ever show this past weekend. Again, the members of the band were kind enough to send us a few words about their experience because if you remember from the original post about the band, their vocalist has actually never sang in a band before! So this was not only the band’s first-ever show, but it was also hers.

Bom says, “The show happened so quickly. We were nervous at first but the next time around it’s going to boil up!” Pam added, “When we got on stage I was very excited and nervous but when I felt the support from the whole audience, it made me so happy. It felt like they were giving us this immense positive energy. The whole performance was so quick but it was a lot of fun. For our first show, we all did our best!” And Nampan finished off, “It was an amazing experience! I was really impressed that people came to watch us! They were amazing. The whole event “Hardcore Punx Peace” was a lot of fun especially since it was its first-ever event. Although there weren’t a lot of people, the next edition of this will be way more intense!”


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