PREMIERE: Check Out Thai Powerviolence Band Speech Odd On Debut Release

We are SO damn proud to help premiere brand new Thai powerviolence band Speech Odd! The band has just released their 4 track demo full of NYHC meets blast beat madness with intense angry AF vocals. We were lucky to have the band answer a few questions for us! After the interview, go blast their music and support the FUCK out of the band!

Tell us how your band formed and what was the inspiration to form a powerviolence band that is sooo political.
Pam: In 2022, Bom, our drummer, was invited by Nampan (Guitarist) to start a powerviolence band. They started as a duet and released a demo track. They had no singer for some time and then I heard the demo and asked them if I could try to be their singer. I already had a lot of interest in trying to write lyrics about politics and I definitely think that powerviolence is a perfect response to the political situation in Thailand. Thailand has a history of politics in this country always fully breaking down so we want to use our music as a way to express our feelings. The extremely dissonant music matches the feeling.

Bom: I used to listen to a lot of grindcore and then started listening to powerviolence and fastcore. My favorite bands are Spazz, Charles Bronson, Infest, and Crossed Out. But the band and album that inspired me to start this band is Boak, and their album ‘II’ specifically. The melodies are very modern and sound really nice to me.

Many Asian bands like to sing in English, why did your band choose to sing in Thai?
Pam: We are not good at English that’s why all our lyrics are in Thai. It doesn’t matter what language you use; we prefer that the music pierces the audience’s heart. Many of us listen to international music and have no idea what the lyrics are about, it’s all about the power in the music.

What are some of your songs about?
We intend to make songs to talk about the truth of our society and how the world is being harmed by everything. We put all of this into our songs.

As there are not that many females involved with hardcore in Thailand, it is SO great to see you scream your heart out and let people in Thailand know this isn’t just boys’ fun.
I want to sing a song with my feelings regardless of my gender. In my opinion, all genders are equal. They can do everything just don’t hurt anybody. I have no idea what to do when anyone’s looking at me because I’m just a lady! Right now I’m not that good at singing but I’ll keep trying my best! Thank you everyone for your attention.

What’s the inspiration for the artwork?
Nampan: This is something I sketched based on an incident from last year when the police kicked a bunch of spectators.

How did you get into hardcore/Powerviolence?
Pam: I normally like to listen to every kind of music, but Powerviolence is new to me. Until one day the Speech Odd bands looking for a singer then I try to be a singer and I have no experience that kind of music, so I’ll try my best absolutely if the Speech Odd give me a chance to sing.
Nampan: When I was young I listened to a lot of hardcore. I was actually in a band with Bom. But we ended up going our separate ways for about 10 years now and then we suddenly reconnected and started talking about music.
Bom: Then we decided that this is what we wanted to do.

What is your plan for 2022?
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