Thai Chaotic Hardcore Band REXREZ Release Haunting New Track [Thailand]

“sadness is an ocean , i drown while other days i am forced to swim”

Goddamn…Thai chaotic hardcore band REXREZ have been making waves, and if you haven’t been paying attention you’ve been missing the fuck out. The band is heavy in all the right places – from the intense vocals but even in the intense and incredibly deliberate use of feedback/noise/guitar tones to accentuate the madness that they’re trying to express. Take for example their brand new single ‘Depressed and Despair’ streaming below. On this song the band takes you on a slowburn of a track full of noise, feedback and other sonic elements that should make you feel incredibly uncomfortable which then culminates with a monstrous breakdown. Vocalist Gap stated, “I wrote this song because of what I’ve seen from those around me dealing with depression. It’s something deeply rooted inside them and so I wanted to sing about this so that people can understand the challenges they face – life is exhausting, it’s hard to decide whether or not to carry on living.”

All the excellent production is handled by their guitarist Suchai at his studio Sixthirty Recording Studio. He also added, “The song will feature on an upcoming split we’re releasing with RUNNER – Japanese chaotic hardcore band”.

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