Hardcore Band ARCADIA Embrace Comeback Kid On Sick New Single [Philippines]

YOOOOOO…before we talk about how rad this track is (and how different it is from their previous mammoth releases) let’s all take a moment and laugh our asses off on this BOOMER AF troll HAHAHAHAHAHAHA:

This moron is commenting on a track by Arcadia that FULLY embraces their love for Sick of it All and Comeback Kid (that chorus is such a dope nod to the Wake the Dead era of CBK’s legacy) and on this clear homage to the world of hardcore he states “this isn’t hardcore music anymore”? HAHAHAHA! Can someone take their grandpa back and keep them off the interwebs? It’s dangerous out there granpa.

As always, Arcadia comes through with a clear banger. The difference is that the music seems a lot more stripped down from what they’ve done in the past, and the result being their roots in hardcore seems to then be elevated on this track. The overall vibe carries on with the direction the band is heading in on their previous track ‘Gloom’ released earlier this year. Lots of melody in those choruses clearly designed for massive singalongs.

Dope song after another dope song.


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