Metalcore Act Avalanche Return With New Single Taking Amazing Risks in the Music [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong metalcore band Avalanche have returned with a brand new single entitled ‘Diamond’. Upon first listen it starts off as your standard metalcore but quickly that changes – the band is experimenting (good for them!!!) with different electronic/trap elements to help bring something new to the table. Then when the rap drop comes in – dayum! Big ups to bands like Avalanche that don’t just do the standard-done-a-million-times-by-a-million-bands-all-over-the-world drivel, but try to present something a little different that takes them out of their comfort zone that could either be accepted by their audience or shunned. We love when bands take risks. All of us should. Over and over.

The band was kind enough to send us the following info about this particular song:

“Our new song “DIAMOND” was actually written around 4 years ago. Suddenly, during the turbulent 2019 era, we were overcome with anger and sadness about the situation in Hong Kong, so we decided to re-arrange the whole song to better capture our sentiments of the time. Jake wrote the rap lyrics for DIAMOND from two perspectives, like an antagonistic conversation between both opposing sides.”

“Based on the rap lyrics, we experimented with putting trap and metalcore together, something we have never dreamed of or done before, and it ended up pretty good. Therefore, I guess the whole composing concept is to think out of the box, not thinking “why” but “why not”.”

As we mentioned above, it is CLEAR as day that the band was intent on trying new things. They succeeded – and they succeeded fantastically! Moreover, when lead vocalist Cos uses a variety of tones on this song – ESPECIALLY the high-pitched one which fucking RULES – you can feel so much of her heart and soul in this music.

The band was quick to let us know that they’re very excited with this music video and are already working on a follow-up to a new single entitled ‘Sky Castyle’. “We must thank our director Ben@HKV Loudness! He gave us so much support, not only us but to other indie bands in Hong Kong as well. Also, we have two new members! Pong the bassist and Fung the guitarist who are both super talented and very supportive. So we’re EXCITED about exploring all the possibilities as we continue to create music”.

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