Hong Kong Punk Rock Queen – Yan – Releases Debut Acoustic Track [Hong Kong]

We are CERTAIN that she’s going to hate that headline 🙂 But to us, the reason we’re using the word “queen” is that there aren’t many people we know who have stayed committed or dedicated to punk rock in Hong Kong for decades like this amazing human being Yan has. Back when we were running our Unite Asia Podcast one of our favorite interviews was with Yan not only because both of us are from Hong Kong, but because she was so candid about her experiences and what it was about punk rock that in a way “saved” her. It’s one of those things that people who find a connection with the ethos of punk rock and hardcore take those lessons and apply it to every part of their being. Here decades later, Yan is continuing to base new projects on that same DIY ethos. Besides fronting bands like Hard Candy, After After Party, and playing in several other bands, she has finally launched probably the most heartfelt project – an acoustic project. And she’s launched it with this BEAUTIFUL song with stop-motion animation that she taught herself how to do.

She’s amazing…can’t wait to hear the FULL EP.

In her own words:

“It’s my birthday! Releasing the first music video from my acoustic project, hope you enjoy it, if you do, please share too! I am a crazy big fan of Elliott Smith, I always want to release some acoustic songs but was too lazy to learn how to record them at home, and would prefer to keep the recording budget for my bands, but during the pandemic, I finally invested in some equipment, learned how to use Logic, and tried to mix songs. It’s never too late, I was planning to do this since 2012! This song was inspired by a professor in my university days, he told me that I would have many heartbreaks in life, and he was right, those intense feelings that look impossible to forget, somehow they become nothing at all as time goes by…how ironic but it is still very important in our lives.”

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