Instrumental Prog Rock Outfit, Hardihood, Release EP ‘The Odd Futurist’ [Singapore]

“An engendered-evolved, mutated form of a human being from a very distant future. travels back to warn present-day humanity on his self-inflicted, premature end of life on planet Earth, where greed and lust for power have caused the planet’s sufferings, mother nature’s wrath, and ultimately, the demise of the human race.

The Odd Futurist is the legacy of a “revolution”. Bereft of what we have always known as the God-given, physical attributes of mankind, it has realized and announced itself as the prophet of a lost cause. It is here to merely inform.

With its next destination unknown, it left its dwelling armed with a language that transcends time & space. The language of music, the language that is the Hardihood sound.

This is its one-way journey. Perhaps, it’s a futile attempt to rekindle its lost, unidentifiable human spirit.

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