Long-Running Thrash Metal Band Paganfire Release Sophomore Album [Philippines]

Formed in 1999, Philippines self-confessed “drunken thrash monsters”, Paganfire, have just released their brand new album entitled ‘Of Death Blades and Blood Soaked Paths’.

The band started their journey with a simple goal to “melt people’s faces with real trend crushing, anti-poser metal”. In 2004 the band released their debut demo limited to 100 copies consisting of 4 original tracks and one cover. “This infamous release had a sound that no wannabe fake metalhead would ever embrace and was officially sold out after 6 months.”

The band can’t reiterate enough how much beer plays a massive part in their existence. After the release of their demo, they began working on their EP. “It featured all the songs off the demo but done in a more killer human-sounding way! No fucking overproduction and absolutely zero trends!”

After what seems like an eternity, the band released their debut album in 2013 as a fuck you to all “false metal’. The record is ‘Wreaking Fear and Death’ which then took the band on their journey outside of the Philippines. They headed to Malaysia.

Today the band is back with album number two and want continue to drive that stake deeper into false metal. Go blast the jams below.


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