Emotive Punk Band Cosmic Kid Release Split EP [Philippines]

Kiss Puppy and Cosmic Kid, two bands from Cebu City, Philippines, have released a split EP. The EP contains four songs that were digitally released as singles: “Gum in My Pocket” and “Holy Girl” by Kiss Puppy, and “Maintaining Distance” and “Peace” by Cosmic Kid. The split was released on cassette and CD format by independent record label PAWN Records and included exclusive bonus tracks.

“I was inspired by bands that I looked up to, and I loved how a split record could elevate numerous bands at once and not just us” Wes Bacareza, vocalist and bassist of Cosmic Kid, said regarding the inception of the split EP idea.

Wes, who spearheaded the entire project down to the art direction and graphic design of the record, also pushed the project to be pressed onto physical formats despite the modern world’s preference of digital streaming as a contribution to the local movement to revive analog music consumption.

“There’s just a different vibe to a record if it’s literally in your hands. Whether or not the audio quality is different, the idea that a record can have this tactile, material form makes it so much more special,” Wes said.

“He [Wes] approached our band with this concept and after meeting with us in person, we realized how cool the project is! And it made so much sense because both our bands were working on our respective full-length albums and since it obviously takes a long time to make, a split EP was the perfect idea to put some music out in the meantime,” Kersly Potter, vocalist of Kiss Puppy, said about how they came into the project.

The split EP was supposed to come out by the summer of 2020, but like with all music releases at the onset of the pandemic, the record was pushed back. Two of the songs, “Gum in My Pocket” and “Maintaining Distance” were released on April 19, 2020, ahead of the EP, and after more than a year, the entire record is finally out.

The Kiss Puppy / Cosmic Kid split EP is now available at shopee.com/pawnpress and in all streaming services.


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