Live Videos Like These Make Us Feel More Alive – Caracal, Rebel Riot, NUMB, Irrevocable…

Goddamn…2022 has gone OFF all over Asia with bands and shows back in full swing! That’s why crazy ass live videos of Asian bands killing it are all over our feed – and for good reason, to remind us how much we believe in what we do on this site.

Check out just some of the live videos that have really captured our attention…from Thailand’s The Shredder and Annalynn, Singapore’s Caracal and Doldrey, Japan’s Numb and Numbernine, Myanmar’s Rebel Riot, Philippines’ Irrevocable, South Korea’s Crying Nut, Indonesia’s No Excuse, Vietnam’s ElbowDrop, to Malaysia’s Piri Reis and Eat Shit and Die…there’s so much going on!

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