Malaysian Rapper Heidi Jumps Into The Hardcore Game – Peep Serbuk Cheese’s Debut Single

YO…anyone out there that loves the hardcore game and hasn’t heard the Judgement Night soundtrack, is sus AF.

That opening Helmet/House of Pain joint is fire still today in 2022. Speaking of 2022, we’re stoked to bring you the debut single by new Malaysian rapcore band Serbuk Cheese. The band features members of Krusty, Thy Regiment, and Consecrate and so this coming across our radar was obvious – we back all those bands hard – but what really caught our attention is that the vocals for this brand new project is Malaysian rapper Heidi. The aggression in the music is fully matched by her intensity and energy.

Luckily, in this age of social media, we were able to hit her up and she was kind enough to send us TONS of awesome context as to how this project began.

“The more you learn, the more you realize that the spectrum of music is infinite. That’s how I felt when I made the best decision of my life, which is having an amazing team to build and grow a Rapcore band. We are Serbuk Cheese (SBC) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our main idea initially was to build a bridge linking two significantly contrasting genres: Hardcore and HipHop. But I guess we had too much fun, we ended up composing an entire EP where everyone grew and learned a bunch of cool music stuff along the way.”

“We are all just homies sharing the same love for music. As musicians, we want to contribute as much as we can to our local music scene. Of course, while having fun and making dope memories at the same time!

About the homies, let’s start with our discipline teacher, Aqil. He plays the drums and he is the educator of the band. He is our quality control manager and he guides all of us to achieve the dopest sound sonically. Alwee is the life of the party and our Garing, which literally means ‘crunchy’ but – in street terms, it means hyper and energetic. Alwee plays rhythm guitar. He is also our warden in the band, he makes sure everything is in order and our workflow is systematic. Aiman, our lead guitarist, contributes the best solos and he is also the heart-to-heart listener of the band. He listens and delivers every given musical ideation and expands it beautifully with iconic solos and riffs. JJ is our sonic link, he plays the bass. He maps out and also improvises what we ideate into a more memorable melody while also making sure that we are always establishing our band sound, the way we wanted to as a team.

And then there’s me.

A rapper for 5 years, performing alone on stage without any knowledge of how to play an instrument. With sheer luck, I stumbled on these talented musicians, which are now my homies. I realized obtaining new knowledge and achieving new sounds feels much better as a team. I never truly knew the spectrum of how far we can fuse music, creativity, and passion under one beautiful dimension of Hardcore, and HipHop. I didn’t realize there’s a bridge where we can unite two communities under one Malaysian Flag.”

She continues, “By the way, our name came from Aiman. He jokingly added Cheese Powder to our tech rider for our very first show! The band name itself is a reminder of our very first lauch. We are a bunch of homies sharing the same love for music, while composing cool stuff together and having fun, always.”

Guitarist Alwee added, “We started this band as a way to bring some diversity to our hardcore scene. As most people know, our scene is well-known for hardcore bands but we also do have rapcore bands like Strikeout and Sick so we just wanted to add to that list. We’re stoked to have Heidi as our frontperson in the band but even more stoked that she actually comes from the world of hip hop in Malaysia. She asked me if it was possible to start up a rapcore band and that’s how this began. In terms of influences, it’s all the typical bands like RATM, Biohazard, Astroid Boys, etc.”


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And look out for that full debut EP to drop by year’s end!

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