Hardcore/Death/Grind Band Glimpse the Unseen Release Debut Demo [South Korea]

South Korea based hardcore, death, grind band Glimpse the Unseen have released their debut demo ‘Caged’.

Here’s the band’s full write up:

“Many meet for the first time at Korea’s best venue for DIY Harcore and Metal, GBN Livehouse. This was the case for Spaniard Cesar Rabis and American Paul Johnson. After a few post-show hours spent drinking soju and talking about Meshuggah and Code Orange, Glimpse the Unseen was Born. Cesar is a guitarist in Malaga, Spain death metal bands Wasting the Genesis and MainBrain.

Paul’s solo Cyber-Math band is deadchannelsky, and he played with South Korean Punk bands Machines and Food for Worms.

Making a band during the pandemic wasn’t easy, but after many sessions practicing together, and many hours spent working in Abletonlive over zoom, they’re grateful to release their 3 song demo, “Caged.”

They are looking forward to touring as soon as it is safe and wise to do so.”


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